Review of AUTOMATICA 2016

08.07.2016 – Boll Automation, together with the other companies under the umbrella of Autision Group GmbH, Automation W+R GmbH and Descam 3D Technologies GmbH, presented combined solutions for quality assurance, metrology and robot-based handling at AUTOMATICA 2016. Two exhibits proved to be particular crowd-pullers: the collaboratively automated strip-light-based 3D scanner Roboscanner and a KUKA LBR iiwa, which Boll Automation programmed to be a good-natured playmate for our visitors. Guiding a metal ring with the iiwa over a “hot wire” with as little contact as possible was a playful challenge of concentration and dexterity that our visitors were very happy to accept. To our knowledge, it was the only exhibit at the entire AUTOMATICA where you could directly guide a KUKA iiwa manually and thus experience its capabilities for intuitive and fast teaching of an individual robot path live. If you would also like to experience the iiwa so closely yourself, but did not find the opportunity to do so at AUTOMATICA, then simply arrange a visit to Boll Automation in Kleinwallstadt am Main or register for one of our customer days.

However, the innovative application of our sister company’s device, bonNDTinspect, also received a lot of attention. Due to the process-oriented inspection of wettability and the non-destructively derivable quality criteria for the bonding and coating of parts, it enables new possibilities especially for CFRP applications.