Robot Vision

State-of-the-art image processing teaches our robots to “see”. That’s why more and more companies with innovative manufacturing processes are relying on the expanded application possibilities of this technology.

Surface inspection

Our customers secure their product quality and create added value through automated surface inspection. Surface inspection – and this is indeed an exception compared to the majority of our competitors – has been our business from the very beginning with our sister company Automation W+R from Munich.

Our competence portfolio in this area therefore includes, in addition to the topics listed, something else in particular that is especially valuable for you as a customer: a great deal of experience. Right down to the last detail.


Measurement technology supplements modern test procedures with quantitative methods. Target values can be precisely defined and controlled. State-of-the-art measurement technology significantly expands the possibilities for quality assurance solutions.

BinSpect - bin picking

With automated bin picking, production parts that have been deposited chaotically are continuously removed from boxes (e.g. wire mesh boxes) in a process-safe manner. Bin picking is carried out using a combination of robotics and intelligent image processing and is considered the future of robot vision.


Literally “look” into the future with us right now and enter the possibilities of robot vision. To find a solution, please contact us and send us your specific products for a live test.

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