Surface machining of large components from a batch size of 1 – set up faster than ever with RoboMill+.

Surface processing -
economic and automated

Grinding, polishing and brushing are typical surface finishing operations that are currently mostly performed manually.

With RoboMill+, a robot will take over these activities in the future. A new programming concept eliminates the time-consuming and training-intensive programming of tool paths, so that new workpieces can be machined within minutes. 

For this purpose, RoboMill+ combines classic industrial robots with intuitive path planning functions that anyone can master after a short introduction.

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Your advantages

Robomill+ is a robotic system for surface finishing. Use the Teaching By Demonstration technology to respond to customer requests or process changes at lightning speed. The system is compatible with robot models from different manufacturers, ranges and payloads.

Grinding surfaces or along a path

Monotonous tasks are transferred to the robot.

Loads > 100 kg and reaches > 3000 mm possible

Large components can be machined with heavy tools

Setup time < 20 min

In just a few minutes, the system is set up on a new component

Operates without CAD data

No geometry information is required from the workpiece to be machined

No programming skills required

A 45-minute briefing is sufficient to be able to operate the system

Increases attractiveness of the workplace

Loads are transferred to the robot. The workplace is becoming more interesting for technology-savvy younger people

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