Palletizing and Depalletizing

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Precise position determination as the key to automated handling

Using different measuring systems (2D, 3D or tactile), the palletizing robot determines the exact position of the workpieces to be picked up. This technology thus solves the greatest challenge of automatic palletizing.


Your advantages

Increased quantities through automated start and end points in the linked manufacturing process are another piece of the puzzle for high cost efficiency in production.



Vision system for position detection

Variable product weight


Barcode recognition system for product documentation

Multiple gripper for workpiece and intermediate layers

Pallet circulation system with pallet centering

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Measurement in 2D

In 2D measurement, the palletized material is detected by an image processing system and the position of the coordinates is transmitted to the robot controller.

Depending on the application, this can be sensor-guided (system integrated on the robot gripper) or static (sensor above the depalletizing area). Both variants ensure absolute safety when handling the workpieces.

Measurement in 3D

In addition to measuring the position of the workpiece on the pallet using the X and Y coordinates, the height of the palletized goods is also determined.

Mechanical Measuring Device

Another variant for detecting the position of the workpiece is traversing the workpieces with a tactile probe. Here, the theoretical position of the workpiece is checked at predefined reference positions and the exact position is calculated.