Cast Cleaning Cell

Robotic assisted fettling – Rely on the benefits of post-processing tasks through the use of robots, intelligent sensor technology and tooling technologies.

With the Cast Cleaning Cell, fettling becomes an entirely different experience


Your advantages

With the fettling cell, the machining process is individually optimized on the respective workpiece. Accordingly, it can be used in every step of production.

High repeatability even with different ridge characteristics

Easier working conditions for your employees

Upstream Contour Detection

Deflectable and sensor-assisted molds

You want to make your production more efficient through automation?

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Why process automation?

In addition to decreasing production costs and increasing quantities, robot-based machining solutions reduce the burden on those employees who previously had to perform these tasks manually.

Flying chips and the use of heavy tools, such as cutting and grinding wheels, pose an acute risk of injury to their employees. It is not for nothing that trade associations demand the use of automation technologies to provide employees with an ergonomic working environment and thereby protect them from monotonous and physically demanding activities.


Optimal division of labor between humans and robots ensures high safety

To further increase the safety aspect, the mold change takes place in a designated safety zone. The operator can carry out a mold change in this zone while the robot is simultaneously working on the casting.

Tool wear is automatically checked in the process within a few seconds. In this way, the wear material is utilized to the maximum and the operator of the system knows at all times how many operations are still possible with this tool. This allows him to react in time and safely replace the wheel.