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Strong Partnership - Complex Solutions from a Single Source

As the sole shareholder and CEO of Boll Automation GmbH, I would like to tell you about our strategy.

We are part of a group of medium-sized companies, Autision Group GmbH, and supply automated inspection systems. Our group of companies supplies robotics, machine vision and optical measuring technology under a common umbrella. Our core area of expertise lies in the integration of automation & vision, hence the name: Autision.

The robotics specialists at Boll Automation integrate sensors and measuring technology to implement innovative handling and post-processing solutions.

Use our solutions to ensure process optimisation through automation, with a high and consistent level of quality. Attract and retain customers in the global competitive environment through the unique selling point of your product quality. Not only does this allow you to lower costs, it also means that you can assign your valuable skilled employees to tasks which aren’t as monotonous or downright dangerous. And this will allow you to secure a significant increase in profits over your competition.

Everything from a single source: robotics, measurement technology and surface inspection

Tradition has to start somewhere. Starting only with a small design office in Obernburg, we now have over 100 employees throughout Europe. With the Autision Group GmbH group of companies, we combine robotics, measurement technology and surface inspection. This is what our milestones looked like:


First major projects for human-robot collaboration. Scaling up activities in the field of medical robot applications.


Boll Automation GmbH sets new impulses with research and development of collaborative automation solutions. Innovative project for the foundry "Automated fettling of castings with upstream contour detection".


Successful implementation of the first industry-ready system for robot-based reach-in box (Binspect®).


Construction of metrological robots by combining competences with our sister companies.


First implementation of a robot-based 3D test cell and reach into the box application.


Winning a research project with market-leading robot and user companies on the topic: "Reaching into the box".


Development and construction of several robot-based inspection systems for the detection of surface defects, which are offered together with the sister company Automation W+R GmbH.


Change of name to Boll Automation GmbH and strategic focus on robot-based handling, inspection and rework projects.


Expansion of international activities.


Pilot project for the foundry "fettling / milling of engine blocks". First project for VW / Kassel.


Project for the automotive supplier industry "Bonding of passenger car roofs" and "Palletizing of ceramic components for catalytic converters".


Major project for the automotive supply industry "Automation of an engine piston production line".


Large-scale project for the automotive die-casting industry "Automation of an engine block production line".


Inclusion of ABB robots in the product portfolio.


Planning and construction of the company building in Kleinwallstadt/near Frankfurt. Pilot project for the flat glass and furniture industry.


Pilot plant for the furniture industry "Palletizing of take-away furniture".


Pilot large-scale plant for the chemical industry "Palletizing of drums and hobbocks". Projects in France and Austria.


First robotic cell for the automotive supply industry "Palletizing truck steel wheels". Boll is one of the first systems houses ever to integrate KUKA robots


Foundation of the design office Boll / Obernburg

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