Innovations at GIFA 2015

09.06.2015 – In line with our focus on handling, inspection and metrology in harsh environments, we will be presenting at GIFA 2015:

Find out about camera-guided, robot-based rework on castings, among other things, at our booth A02 in Hall 16. The deburring strategy developed here on the basis of optical measurement data automatically adapts to the different burr thicknesses and lengths of the workpiece. This results in optimally machined finished parts of consistently high quality with a minimum of time and energy.

Unordered parts are precisely aligned by a robot with “Bin Picking” and fed into the subsequent process. This process often comes before other important inspection or machining steps. Up to now, this has often been an extremely physically stressful, completely monotonous task for production employees, especially with large and heavy castings. In a video presentation at our booth, we will show you our perfectly industry-ready yet space-saving, flexible and highly efficient solution to this demanding application.

You want to improve your casting process continuously and sustainably, deliver only perfect parts and reduce your scrap rate at the same time? Our sister company Automation W+R GmbH presents Sensior®, a proven system for 3D surface inspection of castings. Unlike two-dimensional surface inspection, process-related contamination of the raw casting skin does not affect the inspection result with the 3D method. In addition, they obtain exact and reliable dimensions of all defects.

In the core shop, on raw castings, and in model and mold making, dimensional accuracy must often be ensured at great expense. In particular, the inspection of casting molds in production causes high costs due to the work stop previously required for 3D measurement. Our sister company Descam 3D Technologies GmbH will show you a highly innovative solution to this problem at our booth: Measurement by means of a locally flexible, robot-guided 3D scanner. With the RoboScanner, a collaborative robot takes over the scan including automatic path planning. This system can also be used where employees are working, i.e. in ongoing production – or at our trade show booth.

Visit us at GIFA 2015 and see the above solutions for yourself. We are also happy to offer you suitable solutions for many other tasks in the field of handling, measuring and testing. Just come and see us: Hall 16, Booth A02. Or stay ahead of the competition and make an appointment directly with our experts.