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Bulk goods can be processed just as well as palletized goods in automated production thanks to “handle-in-the-box” technology. Take advantage of object recognition and...
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Robiscan® has been around for over 10 years as the leading inline inspection system for defect-free welds with strength and optical requirements. More than 250 installed systems reliably detect even the smallest defects at well-known premium automotive manufacturers worldwide. In addition, Robiscan provides automatic inline surface inspection on metallic and painted surfaces for even the smallest defects.
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Inline 3D Measuring

All of our solutions can also be combined with true Inline 3D measuring. Ask us anything Integrating surface inspection and capturing of measurement values...
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Flatness Inspection

Flatness inspection using the laser light section method allows for accurate, fast and cost-effective testing of flat parts for flatness. Both the cycle time...
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